FeedLabs vs Echobox comparison

FeedLabs is a social medial automation platform that helps you to both publish and advertise all your feed items to several social media platforms. FeedLabs allows you to generate dynamic creatives for all your posts powered by the FeedLabs Figma plugin.

Echobox is a social media automation tool that helps businesses save time by automating social media publishing. Echobox covers the major social media platforms and offers features such as optimal share frequency.

Side-by-side comparison

Both FeedLabs and Echobox are automated social publishing platforms. Echobox is focused on both email and organic social. FeedLabs is specialized in creative publishing on organic and paid social.

Frequency planner
Post scheduling
Dynamic creative templates
Supported organic social channels

Supported paid social channels

Not supported

Supports email
Facebook square format
Facebook custom cover images
Facebook CTA button
Post level insights
Analytics API
Reshare engaging content


Post queue



Pros and cons comparison: which is better for for you?

Intelligent post planner: publishing your items at the best time possible.
Enables dynamic overlays for all feed items or specific groups.
Includes auto-boost feature for advertising your Social posts.
Provides detailed analytics to measure performance on article-level.
Allows use of deeplinks for your organic Instagram posts.
Lets you use different aspect ratios for Facebook and doesn't auto crop all your article to landscape format (1:1.91).
Smaller company.
Does not support as many social media channels as Echobox yet (working on that).
Offers scheduling and reposting features.
Provides basic analytics to measure social media success.
Easy-to-use interface.
Support all major social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin).
Limited editing capabilities for post visuals.
Less customizable social media posts than FeedLabs.
Basic functionality for both Facebook and Instagram.