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FeedLabs' catalog enrichment allows you to add branding and design to your product images, 100% scalable and with ease.
White backgrounds no more!

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How to advertise with FeedLabs?

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Link your assets

  • No limits
    FeedLabs accepts any CSV feed, so you can advertise on your favourite platforms
  • In - Out
    In goes your feed, out comes a url with your enriched feed
  • Automatic updates
    Schedule how frequently your wish to process changes, up to hourly checks
Use Figma to design with FeedLabs
Use Figma to design with FeedLabs

Let your brand shine with design

  • Use Figma
    Figma is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use design tools
  • Iterate
    Quickly design and test new designs to optimize your results
  • Check your results
    FeedLabs' dashboards shows you how your products perform

FeedLabs Catalog Enrichment use cases

High performers require high performant solutions


FeedLabs helps news channels to boost their presence by automatically advertising their latest news articles. Combined with template overlays, to add branding, this creates a constant influx of traffic.


Many Ecommerce stores have product feeds, and the majority of these stores advertise their feeds. Using FeedLabs Ecommerce stores can scalably add designs to their product creatives, making the ads much more eye-catching which generally results in higher CTRs.


Advertising vacancies in a scalable way is sometimes complex, especially trying to make sense of the results. FeedLabs offers unified dashboarding to track the results per vacancy and the effectivity of your job ads in general.