Publish your feeds automatically on your social pages

FeedLabs enables you to convert your feeds into page posts on your social media channels. Easily apply templates to your images to engage even better with your audience.

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How to autopost with FeedLabs?

It's gonna be quick

Link your assets

  • Connect your social pages
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (beta) and more coming soon
  • Upload your feeds
    FeedLabs automatically processes your feed and queues high-prio items for posting
Link your feed assets with FeedLabs
Use Figma to design with FeedLabs

Let your brand shine with design

  • Create design templates
    Use Figma to design templates in seconds
  • Show your brand
    Engage better by using custom cover images with your branding
  • Get results
    Iterate quickly and use what works best

FeedLabs Autopost use cases

Unique brands require unique solutions


News channels use FeedLabs to publish their RSS feeds directly to their social pages. The benifit of using FeedLabs is that it allows to post in square format on Facebook, causing increase in engagement and traffic.


Ecommerce businesses use FeedLabs by automatically publishing their latest or most trending products on their social pages. This causes their pages to be more relevant for their customers and eventually leads to more sales.


Recruitment agencies or organizations hiring on a regular basis use FeedLabs to automatically publish the latest vacancies to their social pages. This results in higher reach for vacancies with zero extra effort.