FeedLabs for Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to tell your story to your audience. Over the past few years there has been a trend in popularity of podcasts. This makes it increasingly more difficult to attract an audience. A great way of getting more people to listen to your podcasts is to advertise them.

Most likely you have some sort of RSS feed for your podcasts. FeedLabs provides an easy-to-use solution for advertising using RSS feeds. Moreover, we provide tooling to easily create attractive creatives for your ads; enabling your brand to be more visible and increasing traffic significantly.

Measuring results of your podcast ads can be difficult. We fixed that for you, below you can discover your new way of monitoring the effectivity of your campaigns.

This is what your ads could look like with FeedLabs

How to podcast
Just now
How to increase your podcast reach
Listen now
Get inspiration for new podcasts
Listen now
Maintaining the conversation
Listen now
Upgrade your gear
Listen now

This is what your results could look like with FeedLabs

This is a demonstration of our dashboards. The data does not reflect any real world results.

Best Performing Podcasts
PodcastRelevance ScoreSpendImpressionsCTR
1.How to increase your podcast reachAbove average€420483.0k
2.Get inspiration for new podcastsAverage€450412.0k
3.Maintaining the conversationAverage€320242.0k
4.Upgrade your gearAverage€500492.0k
. . .

This is how FeedLabs works

Design with Figma
Use the tooling your designers are familiar with. The FeedLabs plugin enables you to add dynamic elements to your Figma designs with ease.
Figma FeedLabs plugin
Figma FeedLabs design
Enhance your RSS feed
Using our platform you can connect the Figma design with your feed. Generate images for all your podcasts in seconds and keep them automatically updated using the built-in scheduler.
Connect your enhanced RSS feed
Your enhanced feed is now available to be used on any marketing platform; TikTok, Facebook and more...
FeedLabs integrations

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